It is true that everyone has at least one book in them. What’s also true is that many of

    those books go unwritten and - years later - the potential authors regret that they never         got around to putting their stories on the page.  Even more tragic is that many people

    reach the end of their life with their story still inside of them.


Although it is very unlikely that you will not be completely satisfied (because the course is powerful, Michelle's teaching style is amazing and she comes highly recommended); however, if you complete each activity and all course requirements and you are not completely satisfied at the conclusion of the course, request a refund, no questions asked and your fee will be promptly refunded. This course will unleash the writer within you, possibly leading to a promising writing career; even more, The Writer’s Excursion will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

“So many people are afraid to put pen to paper and pour their story out for a number of reasons,” Michelle Hollinger, creator of The Writer's Excursion, says of people’s tendency to procrastinate about writing. “It’s frequently one of those things that people put off and put off and plan to get to ‘one day.’"

The time for writing your book is now and The Writer’s Excursion equips you with everything you need to do so.

“The first thing to do is identify what’s fueling the fear and deal with it. If not, the rest of the course will not make the impact that it’s intended to make.”


One of the primary objectives of The Writers Excursion is to help you kick the procrastination habit. Thinking about writing doesn’t count because “thinkers think and writers write.”

If you're ready to seriously kick the procrastination habit, take decisive action and save even more. Register by 5 p.m., June 29, and pay only $75 for the entire course with the

The Writer’s Excursion is brilliant, innovative and enlightening. It includes:

  • Weekly 90-minute live coaching sessions.
  • Access to the recorded sessions for additional review to ensure mastery of the writing strategies.
  • Personalized writing workbook to guide you through the activities and assignments during the 3-month course.
  • A powerful, individualized pre-writing technique to help students maximize their writing process and eliminate writer’s block.
  • A segment that demystifies the novel writing process and awakens within students the confidence necessary to write a great book.
  • The weekly coaching sessions are augmented with individualized assignments that build on each student’s strengths.
  • One-on-one consultation to help students zero in on their areas for improvement and provide individualized guidance and additional resources for developing their writing skills.
  • Guidance on the use of spiritual tools, like vision boards, affirmations and journals to strengthen the writing journey.
  • Specific exercises that build each student’s trust in him or herself as a writer.
  • A money-back guarantee! 

The fun kicks off on Monday, August 1 at 7:30 pm!

Each session is presented live and also recorded

for 24/7 access at students' convenience.

After helping you identify what’s behind your fear of writing, you’re then taught easy, user-friendly ways to get beyond it. Then and only then are you ready to embrace effective writing strategies that will have you craft the most compelling, interesting and high quality books possible.

“Once the fear of writing is dealt with, Excursion students discover one of two things,” Michelle says. “They discover how to structure their book, develop a writing routine, get their story onto the page and ready for publishing.  And for many, that’s enough,” she explains. “Some people are only interested in writing that one book that is extremely important to them. Many parents and grandparents, for example, decide to write their family’s story as a way to provide their children and grandchildren with a written legacy of their life.”

The Writer’s Excursion course is valued at $350; however, for a limited time, it is being offered at a fraction of that price at only $150 for the 3-month, 12-session course. That comes down to $12.50 per session.

Two convenient payment options are available.


Pay for the complete course by Monday, June 27 and pay only $120 for the 3-month, 12-session course; a 20 percent discount off of the deeply discounted rate of $150. Pay in full and your investment is only $9 per session with the bonus screenwriting segment.

Thinkers think, writers write!

The Writer's Excursion


Prefer not to pay in full? Take advantage of the convenient installment payment option which requires a $50 deposit, with the remaining balance billed in two additional installments of $50. To take advantage of the installment plan, the $50 deposit must be received by June 27.

REGISTER BY JUNE 25TH to access The Writer's Excursion's

A fun, enlightening segment that helps you determine whether your story is better suited

as a novel or a movie.

This bonus segment also teaches students basic screenwriting steps, including:

  • How to develop unique, interesting characters
  • How to develop and present smart “back story”
  • How to develop a powerful plot
  • How to write authentic, believable dialogue
  • How to create emotional connections between the audience and the characters 
  • How to craft scenes that “show,” not “tell” (a screenwriting no-no.)
  • Use of actual scripts from major movies.

She adds, “For others, the course awakens their inner writer to such a degree that they realize that there is far more than one book inside of them.”

The Writer’s Excursion is a one-of-a-kind program that helps students discover their unique writing style by connecting with their unique writer’s voice. Some people attempt to write like other writers, and because it’s not authentic, they’re unable to find their unique writing vibe and cannot make progress.

Discovering their own unique writer’s voice unleashes an inner freedom that many accomplished authors speak of - a free-flowing ability to develop authentic characters, craft page-turning plots and relatable stories that keep their readers coming back for more.