I AM Michelle

The words that follow I AM describe who we are. We speak our life's experiences into existence by articulating I AM and whichever words we choose to place behind them.

I AM a unique expression of The Universe, showing up as Michelle.

By verbalizing who we are and what we are here to do, we align ourselves with the divine plan for our lives, only accessible by going within.

I AM the author of The Sisterhood Exchange.

By speaking words of gratitude and thanksgiving, we attract more of the same.

I AM thankful for my life, my family, my sense of humor, my surrender to GOD, my obsession with sisterhood and my intense desire to love unconditionally.

I AM the grateful host of The Sisterhood Exchange radio show.

By actively pursuing our life's purpose, it rises to meet us and unfolds beautifully, gracefully, in divine order.

I AM the publisher of The Sisterhood.

By boldly claiming our talents, interests, dreams and goals, we energize them and inform our subconscious minds to get busy making them happen.

I AM a budding filmmaker, a mother of three amazing souls, a newbie philanthropist, a grandmother of a very talkative, 4-month old girl, a storyteller, a writer, a student of life intent on paying for my space on earth by serving womankind while continuously embracing inner secrets that continue to reveal who and what I AM.